MPowering Women 

An Mpowered Woman is confident in who she is, clear about what she wants, and determined to manifest her vision! 

What is Coaching?  

Coaching is a powerful tool that gets results. Similar to working with a personal trainer to improve and strengthen your body, coaching strengthens your inner muscles of self-confidence, intuition and vision for your life. Coaching illuminates the next steps in creating the life you want, and accountability supports the process and keeps you moving forward.

My Approach

My style of coaching is intuitive, inquisitive and direct, and I believe it works if you are willing and open to change. Change requires new ways of thinking and acting.  Our work together is meant to empower you to take risks, live more intentionally and become more confident in your choices.


Coaching Services 

Dictionary definition of word advocate,

Special Needs

  • ​Navigate the 'systems'

  • Advocate for your family 

  • Embrace the differences 
Dollar Bill in Jar


  • Change your money habits

  • Clarify financial goals 

  • Create a financial plan ​ 



  • Sharpen your vision 

  • Build a road map

  • Accentuate strengths 

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About Nikki 

I have over 20 years of experience in business management, psychology and nutrition. I have a BS from Cal Poly in Nutrition, a Master's in Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and I'm also certified as a Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from The Coaches Training Institute.  


Additionally, I live in Marin County, am married to an amazing man and together we are raising our beautiful boys with special needs.  

My accomplishments and life experiences allow me to help my clients create new ways to think and respond to create transformational growth in their lives.