Financial Coaching

Feeling financially free is possible! When we're tied up with debt, not knowing where all our money is going or feeling overwhelmed by our expenses we are burdened and stressed - this can lead to money avoidance, which leads to feeling dis-empowered.     


If the pile of paperwork and receipts has got you down - I can help you! Money doesn't have to feel daunting, in fact, it can be energizing and empowering. As your coach, I'm here to help you sort out the facts and help you begin making more empowered decisions with your money.  


Together we will create a spending plan that works for your needs and is within your budget. I will teach you how to use a system that we'll co-design so it works for YOUR needs so that you feel confident in adhering to your plan. My goal is for you is to feel intentional and clear about your financial decisions as you build toward your future.   

Client Testimonial

I love working with Nikki - her kind and non-judgemental approach makes me willing to tell her the truth about my finances. During our coaching I come to realizations on my own which helps me to really feel confident.  She offers solutions and scenarios that make good sense and that I wouldn't have to come on my own. Nikki is clear, direct, savvy and fun.  She makes a hard subject like money so much easier!   

- Nicole M.

Salon Owner