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Shark, Tuna or Dolphin?

Are you a shark, tuna or dolphin? I'm reading a wonderful book right now called "Zero to Zillionaire". The book, as you might imagine, is heavily focused on creating more wealth in your life. However the author emphasizes in order to do so there is a zillionaire mindset that must be cultivated.

What is a zillionaire mindset you might ask? One that is willing to attract wealth (on every level). Notice I use the word 'willing' - because not everyone is willing to work for acquiring riches in their life. You have to put some work into becoming wealthy, but you also have to be willing to accept it, attract it and enjoy it. Being wealthy is not just about having millions in the bank (what good does that do you if you have a hoarding, scarcity, never-buy-anything-nice-for-yourself- mentality?).

In this book, she describes three different types of people and how their character influences their wealth status (again, more than just the pocketbook). She describes in detail her classifications - sharks, tunas and dolphins. A shark is someone who has more of a singular mindset - out for themselves, heavily driven by money, status, power. They are more self-serving and don't care much about who they run over in the process. Does Enron ring a bell? Many sharks in this ring led to the demise of Enron - too much greed doesn't end well.

A tuna, the author says is someone who tends to play small (and doesn't necessarily know it), has more of a victim mentality and lives in the mindset of scarcity. A tuna may use the phrase "I can't afford it" a lot (even if they have plenty of money) - it's a mindset of not enough-ism. They also tend to complain a lot because life doesn't seem fair (and it's not!) but again, it's a mind-set. Life appears as we see it so if we feel negative and cynical, then that is how we'll perceive the world around us. As I was reading about these descriptions I could relate to the tuna (at times) - there are times when it just feels good to complain and mope for a minute but to live in tuna-land is life-sucking. Not to mention not very attractive to anyone around me. Can you relate? I work at staying aware of scarcity mentality so that I can shift back into gratitude and generosity. It's a practice - not always a natural shift.

Then there's a dolphin. When I think of dolphins, I think of how playful they are, how they often swim in packs and protect each other and how beautiful they are. Similarly, those people that fall into the classification of dolphin attract more good. They tend to be wealthier (not just monetarily) , have healthy, abundant lives and are generous (they believe in giving as much as receiving). These are the people that are open-minded and have enough humility to ask for help when needed - they know that by doing so they will be enriched by others influence. They also aren't afraid to ask for nice things for themselves (higher standards without the guilt or other garbage) - self worth is high, but not cocky. Do you know people who are dolphins? Are you one? They are quite attractive and wonderful to be around - they exude good energy. I think I am mostly a dolphin - but also a dolphin in-training. I am always learning how to think more abundantly and so live more abundantly. It requires practice and disciplined ways of thinking, feeling and actions to attract this lifestyle.

If you're wondering how to bring out more of your dolphin go hang out with people in your life that you perceive to be this way (you'll know them by their energy - it's contagious and highly attractive). Alternatively, you can hire a coach, a therapist, join a church group or a 12-step group - these are all excellent ways of shifting your mindset and taking new actions in your life. In order to have a richer, more fulfilling experience in the world around us, we have to be willing to change from the inside out. If you think coaching could help you manifest your dolphin please get in touch - I'd love to help you thrive!

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