Special Needs Coaching

As a parent to two special needs children, I know first hand the immense responsibility that comes with wanting to ensure the very best for your kids and family. My sons Carson and Chase have a rare genetic condition called MEPAN Syndrome that limits their ability to walk and talk. Additionally, Chase also has an Autism Sensory Disorder diagnosis (ASD).


The journey of raising special needs kids is complex. It requires strategic thinking, a willingness to advocate (a lot!), knowledge of the resources available to you and a ton of resiliency. The road can feel bumpy, but with support and guidance the unexpected will feel more like a glitch than a setback. 


I'm here to coach you through the actionable items of the many to-do's you're faced with daily - innumerable therapies, IEPs, and all that comes with managing the day-to-day. Inevitably there are also the emotional ups and downs of navigating a path that you hadn't anticipated for yourself. Together we'll explore what is MOST important and enriching for your child, your family and, most important, YOU!     


"Nikki has been a tremendous help as I navigate advocating and parenting my children with special needs (Autism, ADHD and Anxiety). Nikki is compassionate, insightful and supportive in her approach and has a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the multi-faceted systems involved with raising children with special needs, including medical, educational, psychological, behavioral, and social services. She has an uncanny ability to distill my worries down to actionable steps and positive thinking exercises that help me feel so much more confident and upbeat about my abilities as a mom with special needs kids. She is an awesome coach and gained so much from working with her." 

- Special Needs Mom